Make your picture an attractive one.

This is just a simple tutorial using adobe photoshop.  Any version will do as long as they have the same button with what I used in this tut. Okay, this is so simple and you would probably say that.  But for the beginners, this is for you.  All you have to do is put images together and arrange it according to the style  you like but I think that’s the hardest part, ‘coz you’re gonna use your creativity and artistic ideas.  In this picture, I don’t know if it looks good to you but for me its enough, hmmm I’ve tried putting random styles around it but didn’t work for me  that’s why I ended-up with this so simple piece. ^^

If you have experienced using adobe photoshop then you have the advantage but if not better practice and search for tutorials for beginners at or just google it.  And of course  you’re gonna need the adobe photoshop.  The’re too many versions but CS2 will do.

Ok let’s start:

Things you’re gonna need:

Just google this brushes: Fresh_Foliage_HighRes001 and Glossy Blood Splatter. Its free!

1. Hit File>New  (I used 1024×786)

2.  Open your picture and put it  in the middle like what I did with this sample.

3.  Select all the parts of the photo by pressing Ctrl + A.

4.  Using “move tool” (upper left corner) drag your picture to the layer you have created. (dragging is left-clicking on-hold)

5. Use eraser tool to remove anything you don’t want to include in your picture.

6.  Create new layer by clicking Layer>New then OK (rename it if you want).

7. Then using foliage brush, click on the image but make sure you chose the layer you just created.  By right-clicking on the work area, you can choose styles of different brushes.

8. Do the same to splatter brush.

9.  Try to use other features of adobe, I’m sure you can create better art than this.

I’ll stop from here.  I gotta go! lol

This is my email address:  I’m always online and open for your questions.

See yah!

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One thought on “Make your picture an attractive one.

  1. john

    Good job, dude. I’ve been looking for tutorials like this and yours just simply rock! Keep it up.

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