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Using grid in drawing a CHEAT?

“I think most of the painters and portrait makers who use grid in their art experienced being called a cheater.  Well, there’s no such thing as cheating in art.  The only way it would be cheating would be if you copied someone else’s art and called it your own.  Grids are not cheating. Neither would using a mirror be cheating. Would it be cheating if you used an eraser to correct a mistake in your drawing.  Who is it that established this “code of conduct” that says the use of SOME particular tool is cheating? ”

“Grids are age-old and if it’s cheating, some of the world’s master artists were cheaters! As you develop, however, you may find that grids are restrictive. If you are working from a photo, you will automatically differ to the photo to tell you what you are looking at instead of relying on your eye. It can become like a coloring book rather than a work of art. If you develop your eye, the final picture may not be photo-realistic, but who cares? We have cameras for that. What you will have is an expressive painting that says more than any photo can.
Keep at it! You will be very happy to have a succession of self portraits one day. Just like Rembrandt!”

I am not speaking for myself here ‘coz I don’t use grid for my drawings.  Grid makes it more difficult for me and takes a lot of time setting it up.  What I do is to first sketch the picture then erase them afterwards when I get the actual measurement of each part of the picture.   Hope it works for you if you follow my style…

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